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About the Program

Workshops and Trainings: At Merck, we believe in training the next generation scientists and making them ready for academic and industrial world. Through year-round workshops and training we help newbies and experienced research professional in understanding the basics of science, learning specific skill sets and getting insights into the functioning of biotechnology industry. Below mentioned are some of our foundation programs to help student explore the world of research and beyond-

Workshop series on fundamental and advanced techniques When young college graduates are introduced to the world of science either in academia or industry, there are multiple aspects of scientific research that are new to them. A lot of their valuable time is spent in finding answers to key fundamentals questions like- how to define research problems, how to plan experiments and how to record, analyse and handle their data. In addition, a significant amount of their time is invested in standardizing basic molecular biology techniques.

The workshop series on fundamental and advanced techniques is targeted to address these concern points of young researchers. Through a series of lectures, discussions and case studies, a panel of industry and academia experts will help students in developing skills to overcome these challenges. This will be coupled with a detailed and intensive hands-on workshop on. basic methods in molecular biology. Students will also use new and advanced methods and tricks that would be very useful in improving their scientific effectiveness.

Target Audience: This course is designed for researchers in their early career (B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Sc/B.Sc./Ph.D/Faculty) who would like to get trained in basic scientific practices and molecular biology techniques useful for exploring career in biotech/life science industries or academia. No previous experience scientific experience or training in molecular biology is required or expected.

About the Organizers

About AKS University & the Department

AKS University is promoted by the eminent Rajiv Gandhi Group of Institutions and value-driven professionals with an enviable track-record of molding almost 12000 students over last 19 years, is guided by the principle of Think Global and Act Local. The curriculum, course offerings, and the Centers of Excellence at the AKS University are all aimed at knowledge-creation & skill-development. The University is primed to fulfill its mission of developing & arming human resources with modern applied knowledge & competencies, harnessing knowledge for addressing multifarious local, regional & national challenges including creating skilled manpower to support the leapfrogging economic growth of India, enhancing engineering competitiveness through technology-development & technology-induction, enhancing agricultural productivity through Biotechnology & other innovations, environmental conservation through innovative technology & approaches. AKS University considers the paradigm of Think Global & Act Local as a key enabler in furtherance of its mission, vision and objectives, and towards this end, AKS is keenly exploring linkages with selected national & global Universities and Institutions of repute so as to maximize knowledge-exchange, joint research, faculty & student exchange, twinning programs, sharing best practices in higher education space; and thereby emerge as a globally-relevant institution in this interconnected world of today & future. Department of Biotechnology is running under the University with mission provide excellent and sensible teaching with maximum practical and research exposure to create skilled and well trained biotechnocrates and entrepreneurs as per academia and industry needs in the frontier areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

About Merck High-End Skill Development Centre

CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology(IMTECH) announced a new partnership with Merck, a leading German science and technology company, to establish a'High End Skill Development Centre' in IMTECH, Chandigarh. Equipped with the next generation technologies, like gene editing & single-molecule biomarker detection, the centre will help accelerate healthcare research and train Indian students and researchers in latest life science technologies and make them industry ready. Under the Memorandum of Understanding, Merck in collaboration with IMTECH will use their expertise in Life Science to build acentre which will help researchers and students develop advanced competencies and analytical skills required for life science research. This willbe a first of its kind, academia-Industry-led, 'High End Skill Development Centre' laboratory in Chandigarh that has been established to augment Government of India's initiative for skilling India in the area of Life Science. This 'High End Skill Development Centre' will enrich skills by conducting workshops, trainings and seminar series on cutting edges life science processes, tools and techniques. The centre will facilitate hands-on experience to learning and real time sample analysis. The proposed state of the art Centre will integrate Work-based and Research-based learning by providing next generation lab set-up for carrying out real time sample analysis and learning workshops for selected group of technologies in the domain of Life Sciences. The Centre shall have skill development-oriented curriculum and real-time exposure to the cutting-edge technologies which will be further strengthened after assessing initial outcomes. This High-End Skill Development Centre will function on the principle of "no-profit, no-loss" basis and has been primarily created to augment Government of India's initiative for building skills in the area of Life Science.

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Speaker of Workshops and Trainings At Merck

Calendar of Workshop Series

S. No. Workshop Name Date of Workshop Workshop Convenor
1. Cancer tools & Techniques 26 to 30 April, 2021 Dr. Ashwini Waoo
2. Genome editing 17 to 21 May, 2021 Dr. Reni Nigam
3. Mammalian Cell culture 07 to 11 June,2021 Dr. Arvind Gupta
4 Realtime PCR and Data analysis 21 to 25 June, 2021 Dr. Lovely Mahawar
5. Plant genetic Engineering 12 to 16 July, 2021 Dr. Deepak Mishra
6. Immunobiological Techniques 26 to 30 July, 2021 Ms. Sandhya Pandey
7. Recombinant DNA Technology 02 to 06 August, 2021 Dr. Reni Nigam